Construction Project Planning & Scheduling

Construction Project Tips for 2022

It’s been a tough several months for contractors and construction business owners, and while 2021 has generally shown growth in the construction industry, there are still plenty of challenges to overcome. Construction project management from the top down will be crucial for deadlines to be met and budgets to be followed, but it will look a little different in 2022 than it has for the last few years. With that in mind, our team has collected some construction project tips on how you can futureproof your construction business and set yourself up for success.

Beef Up On PM Skills

While the project manager is truly the go-to for overseeing everything, the entire team should have at least a basic understanding of project management fundamentals. Tasks and deadlines should be clear to everyone, and the roadmap should be laid out for everyone to access. If you’re using the critical path method, it’s a wise idea to offer supplemental training for those employees who don’t have any experience yet with this approach to construction project management. 

Deploy Communication and Collaboration Tools

There’s no shortage of communication and collaboration tools available, and many of them are customized for the construction industry. These tools also provide seamless collaboration and document storage and sharing, allowing for real-time change orders to be implemented. Construction businesses have been slow to adopt these tools, but it will be nearly impossible to keep projects on track next year without some collaboration and communication technology.

Scrutinize Contracts

Every agreement made regarding a project needs to be backed up with a written, signed contract, with no exceptions. First and foremost, this delivers the scope of work without ambiguities, so the parties involved won’t risk a breach. It helps clarify expectations, like timelines and budgets, which are essential for a successful construction project. Additionally, contracts are documentation that could become evidence in case of legal disputes. 

Prioritize Safety

The conditions on construction job sites are already inherently dangerous, even if everyone is doing exactly what they should be. One small mistake could cause injury (or worse) that throws everything off. Don’t assume that everyone involved knows how to stay safe; provide ongoing and comprehensive, site-specific safety training. Having the right people with the right skills on the job offers peace of mind. Scheduling will also help managers avoid working their team for longer days, leading to fatigue that reduces cognitive function and, ultimately, an accident.

Don’t Cut Corners

Skimping leads to substandard work that needs to be redone slows down timelines and bursts bubbles. For clients, this means not choosing the cheapest bid from construction contractors or going with vendors that offer cheap, low-quality construction materials in the face of growing supply shortages. This means not cutting corners when it comes to labor, supplies, or other costs. While it may be tempting to boost profits by skimping in other areas, it will impact your reputation and customer satisfaction. The bottom line of any business suffers when they don’t deliver on client expectations, this year or any other year.

Construction project management is a critical piece of any major project and its success this year, next year, and well into the future, so be sure to utilize these construction project tips. TD Wilson begins any partnership by developing a schedule to manage the work efficiently and cost-effectively and minimize delays. Let’s work together to make 2022 your best year yet — get in touch today!