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Construction Planning

Do you need rock-solid confidence in your construction scheduling team?

We are the DEDICATED experts in the finer points of construction planning and scheduling for construction projects across the country.

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Construction Planning
Construction project management is a critical piece of any major project and with an expert on the ground. Therefore your project moves as seamlessly as possible through all stages.
Primavera Construction Scheduling
Most powerful, flexible and easy-to-use solutions. In other words, we believe Primavera gives superior control and insight into major projects and is an indispensable tool for keeping projects on schedule.
CPM Scheduling
CPM scheduling identifies each step but also takes into account the best-case scenarios, likely scenarios and worst-case scenarios for each step. We are experts and use only the best tools.
Primavera Training
We work directly with clients on a custom training program to fit your needs. For instance, is accompanied by a manual Tom has written.

About Us

Thomas D. Wilson

When you add Tom Wilson to your commercial construction project team, you bring 30+ years of experience in engineering and construction to your job site. Above all Tom has notable expertise in today’s sophisticated project portfolio management (PPM) software. Wilson’s company, TD Wilson, has acquired a vast portfolio and a reputation for excellence among clients. We regularly manage multimillion-dollar land- and marine-based projects, such as high-rise office buildings, sports facilities, and light-rail transit.

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Common Problems We Help Our Clients Solve

Primavera Scheduling

If your project requires Primavera, there are few who are up to handling it with finesse and confidence. We help you get control of your planning and scheduling.

Primavera Training

If your team needs Primavera skills from beginning to advanced we can help. Or if your people simply need to learn the ins-and-outs of construction scheduling.

Court Cases

We have served as expert witness on numerous cases. If you need us to provide our expert opinion on construction scheduling matters, contact us for availability.
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