Construction Project Planning & Scheduling

Construction Business Growth Tips

Construction business growth is generally hard, but that’s especially true right now. With rising material costs, widening labor gaps, and increasing inflation, owners and contractors are finding their margins shrinking. The good news is that a few strategic investments and some time will help support construction business growth initiatives.

Adopt and Integrate Tech

There are a growing number of tools to help with scheduling construction projects, and hesitancy to implement new tech tools could slow down timelines and cost you clients. Tech has never been easier to integrate with current workflows, and there are teams of experts that can help train employees on how to use the tools efficiently. Additionally, these tools help construction teams adapt to a “new normal” — the standards and guidelines that help everyone stay safe and healthy and ensure that jobs are being completed on time. Several tech tools are cost-efficient and user-friendly, making onboarding inexpensive and easy.

Provide More Safety Training

The conditions on construction job sites are inherently dangerous, even if everyone is doing exactly what they should. One small mistake could cause injury (or worse) that throws everything off. By nurturing a culture of safety, you build a reputation as a construction company that employees flock to and one that clients will choose over the competition. Don’t assume that everyone involved knows how to stay safe; provide ongoing and comprehensive, site-specific safety training. Ultimately this creates a cycle that helps build your client list and your staff, allowing you to take on more significant projects.

Dive Deep Into Project Management

Better managed, more streamlined construction projects free you up as the leader and owner to work on high-value, internal projects that promote business growth. While the project manager is truly the go-to for overseeing everything, the entire team should have a basic understanding of project management fundamentals. Tasks and deadlines should be clear to everyone, and you should lay out the roadmap for everyone to access. If you’re using the critical path method, it’s a wise idea to offer supplemental training for those employees who don’t have any experience yet with this approach to construction project management.

Nurture Relationships

Like with interpersonal relationships in our personal lives, building client relationships takes consistent contact, commitment, and plenty of time. In whatever form they take, regular conversations help keep your construction business top of mind for customers and let them know you’re still around in a supportive role. When you lose touch, the bond you created starts to fall away. Overall, it takes far more time than effort to keep customers happy and loyal than it does to acquire new clients. Many construction businesses make the mistake of falling into the “one and done” school of thought and seem to go on endless first dates. The right strategy can help build relationships with loyal clients and break out of that cycle for good – while also helping your business grow. 

Follow the Trends

There’s been practically no corner of the construction industry that’s been untouched by the global COVID pandemic, and we’re seeing its impact as we look towards the coming months. Several construction trends are emerging due to sweeping changes that were implemented to keep team members and job sites safe and healthy. There’s no denying that 2022 will bring about many changes for the construction industry, and owners need to prepare for what may come to stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge for growth.

Partner Up

In construction scheduling projects, thousands of tasks must happen in a specific order throughout the process. Every following step is affected when a delay occurs in one step, causing even more delays and increasing costs – and hindering your growth. When starting a project with TD Wilson, you have the benefit of not only our decades of experience but also our expertise with today’s top CPM software products. Our approach to developing a well-defined project schedule leaves nothing to chance. 

When you add Tom Wilson to your commercial construction project team, you bring 30+ years of experience in engineering and construction to your job site, as well as notable expertise in today’s sophisticated project portfolio management (PPM) software. We have acquired a vast portfolio and a reputation for excellence among clients. We regularly manage multimillion-dollar land- and marine-based projects, such as high-rise office buildings, sports facilities, and light-rail transit. Contact us today to get started!