Construction Project Planning & Scheduling

The Advantages of SmartPM™

Becoming a strong construction project manager doesn’t happen all on your own. Behind every project manager are experience, mentorship, and the right technology. The world of construction scheduling software has evolved from primary rows and columns to cloud-based applications. Whether you are looking for a new construction scheduling tool or have a system you have been using, check out SmartPM™. Every construction project manager should try this tool with many capabilities and adaptations. 

Streamlined Interface

One of the most significant benefits of SmartPM™ is its streamlined, user-friendly interface. The application is cloud-based and can be accessed on a desktop, tablet, or phone. These three avenues for access are essential for PMs who bounce between their job site and the office throughout the day. Once SmartPM™ is set up, the dashboard screen is very straightforward: an overview section and a list of all the ongoing projects. 

The overview provides a glance at the analytics being tracked for all of the projects – delays, which projects are on track, and which projects require new schedules are all shown. Moving into the dashboard, this is a high-level look at a PM’s entire portfolio, with each project having its own listing. There is the option to use filters and automation to find what you are looking for in the program efficiently. For each project listing on the dashboard, SmartPM™ shows the following after the project name:

  • Critical path delay
  • Future acceleration
  • Schedule quality (on a letter grade scale)
  • Schedule compression
  • Forecasted completion

To learn more about the interface of SmartPM™, check out their demo.

Manage Multiple Projects

Many construction PMs may consider themselves pros at handling multiple projects simultaneously, but having some extra support from scheduling software never hurts. With the amount of analytics that SmartPM™ runs and the capability to filter components of each project, PMs will find it easier to prioritize their day and where they are needed most. It’s also straightforward to toggle between projects using the dashboard. Lastly, since the dashboard provides a high-level look at the user’s portfolio, this allows for easy reporting and management of portfolio health.

Save Money

SmartPM™ helps you save money in the construction industry without cutting corners. With the comprehensive abilities of the application itself, PMs will cut down on costs from scheduling mistakes and mishaps. SmartPM™ has its own onboarding training sessions that can be customized for your company’s needs. There is also a Customer Success Team with SmartPM™ who knows the technical side of the application and the construction industry. Training and support built into the system can save money on other programs’ external training courses. Having a solid portfolio organization is imperative to saving money in the industry.

Manage Risks

SmartPM™‘s wealth of analytics for each project listing can help catch risks and potential problems before they arise. Automations within SmartPM™ allow PMs to forecast parts of the project, the date of completion, and more depending on how the user chooses to add data for SmartPM™ to track. With the project being organized and the PM prioritizing their time, they may even be able to allot more time to be sure the crew is up to date on safety standards and OSHA regulations. When the PM is well organized, the project is being forecasted, and the crew is exceeding expectations, this will help to lessen risks (and look good to stakeholders, too!). 

Time Back in Your Pocket 

Capital, labor, investments, and more are essential in the construction industry, but time is still the most important. Every construction scheduling tool should help PMs have more time to dedicate to other areas of their role. Using SmartPM™ can help PMs have the flexibility to spend time in the office, presenting their portfolio, or more time with the crew. 

Here at TD Wilson Consulting, we know that using commercial construction project management software, like SmartPM™, makes all the difference. We have decades of experience scheduling and planning commercial construction projects with precision. Clients will be able to see how you are taking project management seriously for their job, and this will encourage them to feel comfortable using your company again and again. Our team would love to work with you on your project management needs, so connect with us today!