Construction Project Planning & Scheduling

Boosting Construction Worksite Productivity

When it comes to worksite productivity, construction scheduling project management is a critical piece of any major project. A realistic, logical calculation of the best-case scenarios, likely scenarios, and worst-case scenarios gives you and the project team an accurate schedule to work by. Delays are mitigated or avoided by accurate project planning and management of various construction time windows.

Why Does Productivity Matter?

Productivity on construction job sites is about more than how quickly a job can be completed. It’s also about how well teams work together and reputation-building in the industry, along with client satisfaction. Presenting quantifiable evidence of productivity as part of bid proposals offers construction contractors a competitive edge.

How to Measure Productivity

Without the right tech tools in place, there’s no realistic way to quantify productivity. Sure, projects finishing on time or even ahead of schedule can be a great indication that something is going well, but how can a contractor know where to improve? When contractors adopt this tech, they’ll have a clear look at the numbers and stats that will quickly identify where productivity is flowing and which part of their processes need improvement.

Perfect Project Management

Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling is another simple and effective way to help boost worksite productivity. For instance, it works on the basic premise that there is one best path to accomplish a task or project by an expected finish date. Similarly, it identifies each step but also takes into account the best-case scenarios, likely scenarios, and worst-case scenarios for each step.

Upgrade Software

There’s also the innovation and implementation of project management software specifically for the construction industry. Primavera scheduling software ranked among Digital Project Manager’s list of best PPM tools. “The Primavera Portfolio Management solution has nearly unlimited configurability and is built to scale to an enterprise level,” the website said. “Of the PPM tools, Oracle Primavera is capable of higher complexity analysis.”

Invest In Training

In addition to managing your project with Primavera P6 EPPM, there are also experts you can work with that conduct custom hands-on, one-to-one Primavera training or consultation on the software with clients, general contractors, and owners, enabling them to increase their skill set with this valuable tool and participate in the project – and future projects – more successfully.

Coordinate Communication

Keeping workers, managers, and stakeholders involved with the action on the worksite means a great plan for open and transparent communication. Establish a system or use technology to ensure that everyone is on the same page, especially when there are issues, disputes, or work stoppages that need to be addressed ASAP.

Don’t Skimp On Scheduling

We can’t stress this enough: Scheduling will make or break a construction project and its productivity. 

“While 56% of trade contractors also cite poor coordination and communication as having a negative impact on productivity, over two-thirds (68%) claim that poor schedule management is the top contributor. This makes sense, as subcontractors’ work is more likely to be impacted by schedule changes on a daily basis.”

Work With Experts

Construction project scheduling is critical in achieving overall success. A realistic, logical calculation of the best-case scenarios, likely scenarios, and worst-case scenarios gives the project team an accurate schedule while delays are mitigated or avoided by accurate planning and management. With an expert on the ground, your project moves as seamlessly as possible through all stages of development.

Our approach to developing a well-defined project schedule leaves nothing to chance. When starting a project with TD Wilson, you have the benefit of not only our decades of experience but also our expertise with today’s top CPM software products — contact us today to get started!